iStream enables you to create insights and value from complex data with Intelligent analytics

We are iStream

iStream is a data company with a vision to empower businesses and organizations by harnessing the intelligence of big data analytics towards visible results.

We specialize in gathering, interrogating and visualizing information.


A little bit about us

The iStream team is dedicated to our client’s success, and we strive to empower businesses by harnessing the intelligence of big data analytics to gain a sustainable edge in driving business innovation. Our patent-pending i360 analytics suite will enable businesses to dramatically enhance their organization’s strategies and BI deployments, effectively turning data into business decisions based on real-time analytics. We are driven by innovation that matters and our solutions are developed to enable organizations to focus their efforts on more pertinent issues.


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Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.

— Tim Berners-Lee —

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Numbers have an important story to tell, they rely on you to give them a voice.

— Stephen Few —

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Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience are passionate about developing business.

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In god we trust, all others must bring data.

— W. Edwards Deming —

Our Products

Effectively simplifying the process of exploring and deriving value from data.

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Data matures like wine, applications like fish.

— James Governor —


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